Segmentation Studies
In marketing it is well recognised that not everybody shares the same tastes, has the same needs, uses the same information sources, or for that matter lives in similar locations. Customer Segmentation Studies help to identify different groups based on these characteristics so that various elements of the marketing mix, including promotion and pricing, can be uniquely developed to appeal to each specific group. 
blue helix uses methods that leverage the most sophisticated segmentation and classification approaches available in the world today. This ensures that the customer segments generated have unique attitudes, needs and preferences for products and services, but can still be identified using freely available ABS demographic information or proprietary databases such as MOSAIC. This allows actionable marketing strategies to be developed and applied to each segment, and ensures that each segment can be reached effectively.
blue helix researchers have conducted studies in this area for Google, Optus, Queensland Health, Q-Super, Telstra, LGIS, Suncorp and Ergon Energy.