Product Design Studies
One of the most challenging tasks a company faces is designing a product that will appeal to the market. With a range of possible features available to a business, it isn’t easy to know what combination and what levels will gain the greatest impact. blue helix has a range of approaches that assist companies in translating consumer needs into product designs, and even estimate market shares for new products. 

blue helix can assist at any stage of the product development lifecycle, from gathering consumer insights to start the process, right through to state of the art statistical modelling approaches that pinpoint which combination of product features will be most desirable in any market. Where a client has a need for further analysis, our methodologies can be used to segment the market into groups based on their likely behavioural responses and preference for certain product combinations over others.
blue helix researchers have conducted studies in this area for Google, Optus, AMF bowling, Bank of Queensland, and Ergon Energy.