Pricing Sensitivity Studies
In the current economic environment, there has been a large scale shift in the mindset of consumers and businesses towards cost saving. This means that pricing strategies are now being widely used by companies, yet in many cases these strategies aren’t having the positive effect desired. Pricing Sensitivity Studies take some of the risk out of designing optimal pricing and help to identify the price points that maximise purchase behaviours and at the same time challenge competitor positionings.

blue helix uses a number of different approaches to pricing sensitivity depending on the needs of the client. From the research we undertake, we can assist clients in determining a range of optimal price points, as well as identify where certain price points would be counterproductive. blue helix can also build easy to use pricing optimisation tools so that our clients can examine for themselves the potential changes in customer behaviour under different pricing scenarios.

blue helix researchers have conducted studies in this area for Optus, AMF Bowling, Bank of Queensland and Ergon Energy.