“It is far better to foresee even without certainty than not to foresee at all" Henri Poincare. While forecasting is by no means an exact science, being able to understand patterns and events historically, and then leverage this information to predict likely future scenarios, can offer great value to any company.
blue helix provides its clients with insights into the future using state of the art and well validated forecasting and time series analytical approaches that have been proven to be highly accurate in a number of research studies. Our approach is based on sound principles outlined by world experts in forecasting, and we do not rely on “black boxes” or automated software to spit out a solution for us. This in turn helps us to provide our clients with easily understood information regarding the likely impact of their marketing activities on sales or other measures.
blue helix researchers have conducted forecasting for AMF bowling, Ergon Energy, Telstra and Q-Super.