Customer Touchpoint Analysis
In a time when companies are striving to ensure they gain an advantage at every opportunity, many are focussing on understanding what customers experience when they interact with their company. This is called "touchpoints" research. Through knowing what customers are thinking, feeling and experiencing when they interact with a company, it is possible to streamline these interactions into a "branded experience".
As touchpoints research originated from qualitative and ethnographic research, blue helix researchers have been at the forefront of this movement. Using this experience we can design programs of all sizes, from small one-off qualitative projects to large integrated programs combining both qualitative and quantitative phases. Using this information, our researchers can then work with client stakeholders to implement an interaction program that increases customers’ satisfaction with their experiences, and as a result increases their brand loyalty.
blue helix researchers have conducted studies in this area for Suncorp, Austsafe Superannuation and Sunbeam.